Saturday, January 24, 2015

My January Empties

Welcome Beauty Bargain Hunters!

While I was on maternity leave I didn't wear any make up and used just the basics for skin and hair care.  But now that I'm back to work and loving my beauty products again, my empties bag is already filling back up!  Empty product reviews are my favorite to read and watch on You Tube.  I really feel that a person can give a more thorough review once they have used a product so many times that's it gone.  And if it's a make up product, that usually means they like it a lot because most make up products have a lot of uses in them!

L'Oreal Power Moisture Hydrating Conditioner- I did really like this conditioner.  I am very particular about which conditioners I will use but I found this on clearance at Target and I had a coupon so I thought I would give it a try.  I mostly just use my holy grail conditioner (click here to see what it is).  But I'm glad I found this one to use also.  It does not beat out my holy grail (that one is a bit thicker of a formula than this one which helps with winter static), but I did still really enjoy it.  It got the tangles out of my hair, and made it feel soft and smooth. If I find a good sale and have coupons, I would definitely repurchase.

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Scrub- I got this scrub last season during their semi-annual sale (I just posted a picture of my lastest semi-annual sale haul on my Instagram this week).  The main reason I got this was (I know this is going to sound odd) the packaging.  Let me explain:  I have a small shower so it's hard to keep water from hitting the products that I keep on the shelving unit we have in there.  With things in normal packaging this is no problem, but with body scrubs they normally come in tubs and I always have a hard time keeping water from getting into the tub when showering.  So when I saw this one in a tube I thought it would be perfect.  And I was happy with this one.  I'm not a huge fan of the Warm Vanilla scent at B&BW, but it's not overpowering in the scrub like it can be in soaps and lotions.  It was very exfoliating, and did help with my dry winter skin.  But there is one aspect I was not thrilled with, like some other body scrubs, it left my legs feeling a little oily afterwards.  It was not as bad as some other scrubs, but I'm on the fence about whether or not I would repurchase it.  Especially since I'm using a body scrub right now that I'm loving (click here to see what that one is).

Colgate Max White with Mini Bright Strips- I'm not particular normally about toothpaste.  I will usually get anything when it's on sale and I have a coupon, but I try when I can to get the ones that have to do with whitening teeth.  I did like this one, I didn't notice a huge difference in the shade of mine or my husband's teeth but I usually don't expect a large difference from a tooth paste (I usually look towards whitening gels for that) but it tasted good and made my mouth feel fresh.  Also a plus to me was the packaging, since it was clear I could see exactly how much was left and since it was a gel formula in plastic, it was easy to squeeze out every last drop.  I would repurchase with sales and coupons.

Lorac POREfection Baked Perfecting Powder- I can't believe I finally finished this face powder!  I bought this powder probably about two years ago when Ulta was having their 30 Days of Beauty specials, I got this for $10 or $15 I think (retails for $33).  I had not heard much about this powder, but since it was such a good deal thought I would give it a try.  I really liked it, I would say it's similar to the Mac Mineralized Skinfinish.  It gives a little bit of extra coverage to the face and keeps my make up in place and matte all day.  You also get a lot of powder in the compact.  It has a dome shape that lasts a really long time.  I used this pretty often and it took a long time before I even hit pan on it.  Ulta had this again in the most recent 30 Days of Beauty sale and I did repurchase it!

Almay Longwear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads- If you are a contact wearer, stay away from these!  These eye make up remover pads in the Oil Free version (the purple tub) are one my of favorite ever.  So when Ulta had their 40% off Almay sale a while back (I also had coupons for $4 off an Almay product coupons and I got each tube for a $1 each I believe) I wanted to stock up.  But they only had two purples ones and I had four coupons, so I got two of these in the blue tubs to try them.  Unfortunately I was not a fan at all.  They feel oily, which I hate and also I have contacts that I can wear overnight, but these pads would somehow make my contacts pop out.  It happened about 80% of the time I used them.  Then I would have to clean them thoroughly (they would be oily) and put them back in.  So I would not recommend unless you don't have contacts or at least have the kind that you take out every night, before removing your make up.

Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara- I got this in an Ipsy bag a few months back.  I read and saw a lot of reviews from people who also got these in their Ipsy bags and most of them did not like.  But I still wanted to try it for myself.  I have a lot of mascaras to try so it took me a while to finally get to this one, but I finally tried it this week and it was unusable.  First off, it smells like chemicals, worse than paint fumes!  But worse than that for me, it was dried out!  I am very careful never to open my mascaras before I'm ready to use them, but when I opened this one for the first time and went to put it on my eye lashes, I did like 10 strokes and there was NO mascara on my lashes, so finally I dipped it in the tube again and brushed it on my hand, this is what I got:


I brushed it on my hand ten times and this is all I got!  So I technically didn't even get to try this one because I couldn't get this one on my lashes, but I don't think I missed out on much anyway!

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Original- This was literally the only lip product I used during my maternity leave!  Normally I wear this at night to keep my lips moist and prevent chapping.  But during my maternity leave when I wasn't leaving my house and I was kissing my baby a lot, this was the only thing I would wear.  I got a bunch of these at Target last year on clearance and I'm going through them fast because they are great.  The feel exactly like normal Vaseline, but clear and different smell.  It also lasts for a long time on your lips and has no taste.  I would highly recommend it for daytime or night time use!

That's all my empty products reviews right now!  But I do have a few more empties in my bag and a lot of products are close to being done, so look out for another empty post very soon! And if you used one of these products and had a different experience or any tips on how to use them, please let me know! 

Happy Savings Everyone!

The Balm on HauteLook

Welcome Beauty Bargain Hunters!

Just wanted to do a quick post just to let everyone know that The Balm Products are on HauteLook right now!  I went through the website and it looks like they are offering most of the cosmetic products in their line (with the exception of some of their newest products) and a lot of things from their tool and skin care lines also.

I am a huge fan of this brand and I have purchased quite a few of my The Balm products from HauteLook.  Here's a picture of my favorite brands that I own from the line:

Highlighters: Mary-Lou Manizer, Betty-Lou Manize; Blushes: Hot Mama, Frat Boy, Down Boy; Bronzer: Bahama Mama

Just to mention, I do own a few other products from the line that I don't love as much, these are just my favorites that I would highly recommend picking up!

HauteLook offers free shipping when your purchase if over $100, so if you don't want $100 worth of The Balm products, they also have a SmashBox Valentine's Day palette, Koh Gen Do products and lots of other non beauty items (kids, mens, womens clothes, household items, etc).

Signing up for HauteLook is free and they will send you e-mails often letting you know what brands they have available at the moment (each brand is usually available on their site 3-5 days and items are usually marked anywhere from 30 to 70% off regular price).

Happy Savings Everyone!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Best of 2014: Make Up Products

Welcome Beauty Bargain Hunters!

I debated about whether or not to do this post since there were a few months this year that I did not wear make up and I have not gotten a lot of the newest make up lately.  But after reading/watching so many others posts and videos with their 2014 favorites, I decided I wanted to do it anyway!  So here is the make up products that I loved the most in 2014.  If I don't have a favorite product of a certain kind (lip liner, eye liner, etc) it's because I either didn't have a favorite or don't use that product enough to have a favorite of that kind.  I'm also thinking of doing a 2014 best of beauty and hair care products.  Let me know if you would be interested in that one!

FAVORITE LIP GLOSS: L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color in Nude Ballet & NYX Butter Gloss in Madeleine (Tie)- The L'Oreal one came out this year and I loved it as soon as I tried it!  It's been in my purse basically since it came out.  No matter what lipstick I use, I put this on top of it.  And if I'm not wearing the L'Oreal one, I'm wearing a NYX Butter Gloss!  I picked the color Madeleine as my favorite because I wore it the most this year, but I have about 5 others colors that I wear a lot too.  NYX came out with a bunch of new shades in this line this year and I was thrilled because a lot of them were nude shades that I love to pair with all my lipsticks.  I love the colors, the texture and of course the smell!

FAVORITE LIP STICK: Wet N Wild Fergie Line in Fergie Daily & Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick-Kate Moss Collection in #14 (Tie)- I picked these two simply because at least one or both of them was always in my purse this year.  The Rimmel one is actually almost done and I don't think I have finished a whole lipstick before it got old in my life.  I love both of these because they are great on their own or paired with almost any lip gloss.  Fergie Daily is just the perfect nude shade for any occasion and #14 is a your lips but better shade that you can throw on when you want a little bit of color on your lips, but you don't want people thinking you are too "dolled up".  Fergie Daily is matte finish that doesn't leave your lips to dry, but you may want to add a gloss if you have dry lips naturally.  With #14 I normally don't have to wear a lip gloss with because it's a bit less matte than Fergie Daily (but I wouldn't call it really creamy, but I prefer that because in my experience if a lipstick is really creamy it doesn't last long).

FAVORITE FOUNDATION: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation & Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation (Tie)- I had to pick two because the Kat Von D foundation can not be worn on it's own!  I love the Kat Von D, but if you wear just that foundation, I feel like it can look too cakey and doll-like easily.  To keep that from happening, I normally mix a pump or two of this foundation in with another foundation, like the Cover Girl Outlast or Revlon Color Stay.  But I do think those two pumps make a lot of difference, I use this foundation at every special occasion I go to because it makes my skin look flawless in person and in pictures.  It is an expensive foundation, but since you only need two pumps at a time, it will last a long time and I try to purchase it when I have a 20% off coupon from Sephora.  I picked Cover Girl 3 in 1 as my other favorite of the year because I think that I have been wearing it more than the Revlon one this year.  I went through like 3 bottles of it this year (and I have many foundations to pick from).  It just has great full coverage and works well on my oily chin that I have issues with when using a lot of different foundations!

FAVORITE BEAUTY TOOL: The Beauty Blender- I used this to apply my foundation and concealer about 90% of the time I did my make up this year.  When I first starting really getting into make up, I mostly used brushed to apply my make up, but once I got this sponge, I could never go back!  It just evenly distributes the make up and make it look natural on my skin.  Especially for my under eye concealer, I really struggle with lines and coverage when I use a brush to apply.  I tried the Real Technique sponge that came out earlier this year and I did like, but I still prefer the Beauty Blender just because I feel it doesn't soak in as much make up and gives better coverage.  But if you really don't want to spend the money on the original (I buy it as Sephora when they have a 20% off coupon available) the Real Technique one is a good alternative.

FAVORITE BB CREAM: Garnier BB Cream (Slender bottle)- Just like my foundation, I like a BB cream that is full coverage!  And this one is! Covers all my imperfections and my face does not get super greasy by the end of the day when I wear this one.  My only small complaint is that I don't believe they make a fair shade in the one I like (they make a fair shade in the first BB cream they released, but not the one in the slender bottle).  But I still love it anyway!

FAVORITE EYE SHADOW PALETTE: Stila In the Light Palette- I knew I had to pick this one when I actually hit pan on one of the shadows this past week!  I have quite a few eye shadow palettes and I try to rotate which ones I use, so I was surprised that I hit pan on this palette.  But I guess I should not have been because I do normally select this one for most special occasions because I love almost every single shade in the palette and use all of the regularly (Bubbly and Kitten are my favorite two!)  I just love using the brown shades and then topping then with a champagne color.

FAVORITE EYEBROW PRODUCT: ELF Treat and Tame- This product will only appeal to women with naturally thick eyebrows!  While most people I know are trying to find ways to add more eyebrow hair, I'm out getting my waxed to take some off!  I use the tame side of this double ended wand (I don't think I have ever used the treat side) to just brush my eyebrows hairs and keep them in place all day.  They have multiple shades, I used the darkest and I think it's only $3!

FAVORITE MASCARA: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- This one was hard for me because I love so many mascaras, and there are a lot of drug store ones that I swear by (click here to see my favorite drug store mascara right now)!  But for my favorite of the year that I would go to when I really wanted my lashes to look big and great, it was this one! It makes your lashes look super long and super full!  So many times I need to use two mascaras, one for length and one for volume, this one does both!  I swear sometimes when I wore this one, I thought I looked like I had false lashes on!  And when I was pregnant I couldn't use lash serum, so my lashes looked horrible! 

FAVORITE UNDER EYE CONCEALER: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Chantilly- I really hate picking a concealer that is this pricey since I'm all about beauty bargains, but this one really us worth the price!  I try to get it when Sephora offers a discount a few times a year to help with the cost!  This concealer not only covers my under eye circles perfectly without creasing, but I also get it in one shade lighter than I need it and it highlights my face beautifully.  Any special occasion I went to this year, this was my under eye concealer- no exceptions! (Click here to see what drug store concealer I have been loving lately)

FAVORITE EYESHADOW PRIMER: ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer in Sheer- This category is hard for me because I actually have a different eye shadow primer that I would call my all time favorite (click here to see what it is).  But I think it is over priced (even with a coupon) for an eye shadow primer, at least for me!  I don't have any big issues with my eyelids, like being oily or anything so there is no reason in my opinion to have to spend that much on a product that I don't see really substantial results every day.  I feel that this primer, for $1 works amazingly for everyday use and you obviously can not beat the price.  I actually think this formula is very similar to the one that's my all time favorite, it's just a bit creamier on the eyelids.

FAVORITE PRIMER: Maybelline Baby Skin- This is not my holy grail face primer (click here to see what this is) but I picked this one as my favorite for the year because it's a great primer and it's from the drug store!  I know the drug stores have been rolling out tons of face primers lately, but this is probably the first face primer from the drug store that I used the really liked.  It's a silicone based primer that I think is similar to SmashBox Photo Ready Primer (the clear one).  It glides on my face smoothly, fills in my pores nicely and helps keep my make up in place all day. 

FAVORITE SPOT CONCEALER: Laura Geller The Real Deal Concealer- This is my all time favorite concealer to blemishes, dark spots, scars, whatever you need to cover.  This concealer provides amazing coverage and doesn't look super cakey, so people will not know that you are covering a huge pimple, even if you are!  There is a drug store one that I think works similar to this one (click here to find out what it is) but that one can be a tad greasy if you don't shake it, this one has no grease and works well every time.  It is a little more expensive than drug store, but I got this on a sale from Laura Geller's website I believe, but it will last for a very long time because you only need a tiny little dab on any imperfection.

FAVORITE BLUSH: Maybelline Master Hi-Light in the shade Nude- I bought almost all the blushes from this line in 2014 and I love all of them.  I picked the shade Nude as my favorite simply because I wore it the most (a lot of people think this shade is too light for a blush and wear it as a highlight, but I have really pale skin, so it works great as a glowy blush for me).  These blushes give you an amazing glow, so much that you don't even need a highlight if you don't want to apply an extra one.  It also blends into your skin nicely and lasts all day.

FAVORITE EYE SHADOW BASE: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Just Beige- This one is part of the matte collection of Color Tattoos that came out this year.  I was already a fan of the original Color Tattoo line, but I love these matte ones even more than the original.  The formula is a bit drier which I think helps keep the eye shadow in place.  The beige shade also helps make your eye lids like a blank canvas that you can put any eye shadow color on and the shadow color will really come across as the actual color and really pop on your lids.

FAVORITE FACE POWDER: Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder- This powder came out in 2014. I was not a fan of the Dream Wonder foundations, but I really loved this powder.  It provides amazing coverage (not full coverage, I would not call it a powder foundation) and it almost creamy when you touch it.  It also really helps keep my combination skin (and greasy chin) matte all day (with the right foundation of course).  And it has a really large variety of shades, so you don't have to just settle for Light, Medium or Dark like a lot of powder lines have.

FAVORITE BRONZER: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer- This is my all time favorite bronzer.  I don't even know if it's fair for me to pick a bronzer for my Best of 2014 because I barely tired any other bronzers this year, because I love this one so much. ( But I did try one this year from the drug store that I did like, click here to see it.) The amazing thing about this bronzer I think is that it works on almost everyone.  They make a Milk Chocolate version that is lighter, but I have never felt the need to try it because even though I'm very pale, this one as always worked great on me. I would recommend this one to anyone. It is more expensive than drug store but I always get this with a 20% off coupon from Ulta or Sephora or sometime you can find this in one of those Too Faced discount kits that they will come out with on holidays and when new products are launched. 

FAVORITE HIGHLIGHTER: Essence Beauty Beats Shimmer Powder in the shade Swaaag!- I admit at first I did not want to buy this highlighter because it was part of the Justin Bieber make up line and I'm not a huge Bieber fan.  But when I saw how gorgeous it looked in person, I had to get it.  It's light pink in the pan, but it comes off as just a light shiney glow on the skin.  Just a warning, I like my highlighter to provide me with a noticeable shimmer on the skin.  If you like a more subtle highlight, this one might not be for you.  But I loved it a ton this year and I used it so much you can barely see the word "Swag" carved in the powder anymore! :)

That's all the make up products I loved the most this past year!  Like I said, I have not gotten a chance to try a lot of the products that came out at the end of year.  So look out for my monthly favorites for some new products very soon!  Also, let me know if there is anything new you have been loving, I love trying out new stuff!

Happy Savings Everyone!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January Ipsy

Welcome Beauty Bargain Hunters!

It's that time of the month again- Ipsy Bag time

For those who have never heard of Ipsy, it's a beauty subscription service that sends out monthly bags with 3-5 sample, travel and occasionally full size make up and beauty products.  I have been a member of Ipsy for over a year and I used to get really excited when the bright pink envelope came in the mail, but the last few bags have not been as good as they have been in the past.  And unfortunately this bag did not excited me much either.  Here's what I got:

The Bag:  The bag did not excite me at all.  It's just blue on one side and white on the other and pink the middle.  It's made of a plastic material.  It's just kind of boring, no designs or pictures. And I know if I put this bag in my purse, the white side would be dirty in about 5 minutes!

Pacifica Eye Shadow in Treasure: I do like the color of this eye shadow, but I have gotten Pacifica eye shadows in past bags, so I was kind of disappointed to see a repeat product.  But I do like the color, so I will try it!

Bells Pierre Shimmer Powder in Excite:  I have never had a product from this beauty line before, but I'm not sure if I will try this because of the color.  The powder is white, so I'm kind of nervous about how that would show up if I tried to use it as a highlight and I'm not really into using white as an eye shadow.  I might try to pass this product on to a friend.

Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm: I do have a lot of lip balms, so I will probably mark on Ipsy's website that I do not need any more lip balms, but I will try this one!  This time of year my lips are really dry!

Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream: I do want to try this product.  I'm always searching for a good eye cream and this sample looks like a good enough size that I will be able to use it for a while and really decide if it works for me.

Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush: This was the product I was most excited about getting this month.  This brush looks like it will be really good for applying the base shade of eye shadow to my eyelids.  I have needed another brush like this one, so I am happy to get it and I will try it out soon!

Like I said, I'm not as excited with this bag as I have been with others in the past but I did get two products I will try and one I did want.  So I'm not ready to give up on Ipsy just yet!  A year ago I loved almost every product they sent in every bag, so I'm going to hold out a little bit longer to see if they get a little bit better in the future.  I will also be sure to keep rating my products on Ipsy's website so they know what I like and do not like (I really do think that does help your selection). If you don't have Ipsy and want to sign up, click here

What did you get in your Ipsy bag this month?  If you got different items from me, let me know what you got and what you think of them!

Happy Savings Everyone!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

CVS Haul

Hello Beauty Bargain Hunters!

Since I took my break a lot of new makeup items have been released so I have lots of new things I'm dying to try!  I went to CVS this week and I was like a kid in a candy store!  I wanted everything new!!!  But I was really good, and I stuck to my plan of getting the items I had sales and coupons for.... for the most part!

As you can see by the picture I got more than just beauty items at CVS this week but I thought it was important to show all the items, not just the beauty ones for two reason 1. there could be some moms out there who are interested in seeing the baby and household items and 2. getting some of these items helped me get better deals on the beauty items. To see exactly how much I saved, I added up how much everything would have cost if I paid full price for everything, it would have cost $160.41!  But I only paid $59.04 out of my pocket and I still have $15 in ECB to use next time, so that's like paying $44.04!  Here's how I did it:

Full disclosure:  I have two CVS Extra Care Cards, one for me and one is by husbands.  He had one before we were married and he gave me one of the key chain copies, so I have two and my local CVS does not mind me doing two separate purchases, with each Extra Care card.  They also allow me to use the Extra Care Bucks from one card for a purchase on the other card.  I have gone to CVS stores where they will not allow you to do this or it annoys them, so I'm not saying this will work for everyone, but I think it is at least worth trying if you and your significant other both have cards. You can get double the amount of sale offers when CVS puts a limit on a deal. 

Another Disclosure:  I started these transactions with $8 in ECB ($4 from each Extra Care Card) because CVS gave these to me when I scanned my card at the coupon kiosk as my Fall Rewards (once a quarter CVS gives you a percentage of how much you spent that quarter in ECB, not sure what the percentage is, if you do let me know in the comments!)  But even without these ECB, I found great deals!

Transaction #1

Nature Made Vitamin Gummies- $8.29- $2 off coupon from 1/4/15 Smart Source = $6.29 ($5 ECB back) after ECB- $1.29

2 Desitin Baby Ointments- Buy One Get One 50% off, one for $8.79 + one for $4.39 - $1.50/2 off coupon from 1/4/15 Smart Source = $11.38 ($5.69 each)
2 Johnsons Intense Moisture Cream- Buy One Get One 50% off, one for $6.79 + one for $3.39 - two $1 off coupons from Facebook = $8.18 ($4.09 each)
2 Johnsons Baby Oil- Buy One Get One 50% off, one for $4.79 + one for $2.39 - two $1 off coupons from Facebook = $8.18 ($4.09 each)
$10 ECB back for spending over $30 on these items, so only $14.74 for all baby items ($2.46 each)

Plus used $4 ECB from Fall Rewards:
TOTAL- $31.03 - $4 ECB = $27.12 PAID ($.09 tax), Got back $15 in ECB

Transaction #2

Charmin Basics 12 Pk Toilet Paper- $5.99 on sale - $1 off coupon from = $4.99 ($1 ECB back) after ECB- $3.99

Nature Made Vitamelts- $8.29- $2 off coupon from 1/4/15 Smart Source = $6.29 ($5 ECB back) after ECB- $1.29

Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser- $2.12 on clearance

Seba Med Face and Body Wash- $3.24 on clearance

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara & Maybelline Pumped Up Mascara- Buy One Get One 50% off Maybelline eye products, one for $8.99 + $3.99 - $3 off & $2 off coupons from 1/4/15 Red Plum = $7.98 ($3.99 each)

TOTAL- $24.62 - $15 ECB from Transcation #1 = $9.97 PAID ($.35 tax), Got back $6 in ECB

NOTE:  I learned about an update at CVS doing this transaction.  CVS used to generate your ECB on purchases based on the full price of an item, even if the item was on sale but now it only gives you the ECB if you pay the amount needed after the sale price.  For example, with this purchase of two Maybelline mascaras I thought I was going to get $5 in ECB because the deal was get $15 in certain beauty items, including Maybelline products, get $5 in ECB.  Since the two mascaras retailed for $16.98, I thought I would get the ECB, but I did not.  On my receipt it said I only paid $12.98 (the cost after the B1G1 50% off sale) so I needed to spend another $2.02 to get the $5 ECB.  Since I was so close, I made this next purchase, just to get those ECB.

Transaction #3

Milani Lip Liner- $3.99 (I know it's rare for me to buy a product without sales or coupons, but I wanted my $5 ECB, so I had to spend at least $2.02 on participating beauty items, like the Milani products)
Wet N Wild Cover All Face Powder- $.75 on clearance

Plus used $4 ECB from Fall Rewards:
TOTAL- $4.74 - $4 ECB = $.98 PAID ($.24 tax), Got back $5 in ECB

Transaction #4 (used different Extra Care Card than other transactions)

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder- $9.99 - $1 off coupon from Sunday Red Plum = $8.99
Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation- $11.29 - $1 off coupon from Sunday Red Plum = $10.29
L'Oreal Infallible Foundation- $13.29 - $2 off coupon from past Red Plum= $11.29
L'Oreal Infallible Powder- $13.29 - $1 off coupon from L'Oreal website = $12.29
Getting $15 back in ECB, deal was spend $15 on specific beauty items (all L'Oreal & Maybelline were included) get $5 ECB

25% off my whole order coupon (sign up to receive e-mails from CVS and they e-mail these coupons often, you can't use them on sale or clearance items) - $11.97 off
After $15 ECB and 25% off, all four products were $15.89, $3.97 each!

TOTAL- $30.89 - $11 ECB from Transactions #2 & #3 = $20.97 PAID ($1.08 tax), Got back $15 ECB

I know these transactions look complicated and time consuming (I did go to two CVS stores in two days) but I think for the amount I saved, it was worth it!  Having a baby now, I'm going to need to cut back my spending on make up and finding deals like these are going to be even more important than they were before.  But I also have less time now with a young child, so when I do take time to plan shopping trips, I make it worth my time!

CVS is running the same $5 back in ECB for $15 in beauty items deal that they had when I did these deals (just some of the participating products has changed) so you can still try to get similar deals to this yourself this week!

If you have any questions, please comment below!

Happy Savings Everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Influenster Frosty Vox Box

Welcome Beauty Bargain Hunters!

I'm back!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have saw that I explained that I have been absent from posting on Instagram, Twitter and here on my blog because I recently had a baby!  I had some complications at the end of my pregnancy that caused me to give birth earlier than expected so I was unable to let everyone know I was gone!  My daughter was born completely healthy and it doing amazing!  And I'm sure all you moms out there will understand why I was a pretty busy once my bundle of joy arrived!  But this past week I went back to work and have started wearing make up again and falling back in love with it again!  I will obviously be posting less often now since my baby is still so young but I will be posting great deals on here and Instagram every chance I get!

I recently got a Vox Box in the mail from Influenster with some winter goodies called Frosty Vox Box, so I thought I would show everyone what I got!

Here are all the products I received and my thoughts on them:

Red Vines Fruit Vines- Very tasty, my husband and I have been fighting over who gets to eat them!  They are similar in tasty to a fruit snack, but a bit thicker.

McCormich Gourmet Thyme Seasoning- I'm not a huge cook so I don't think I can remember having any recipes recently that call for Thyme, but since I have it, I'm thinking I will go on Google or Pinterest soon and see if I can find a recipe that calls for it so I can try it out (keep you posted on how that turns out).

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Liner in Black- I already loved this eyeliner before I got it in this box, so I was very happy to see it in there!

Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover- I was very happy to see this product in the box!  I love trying new eye make up removers because right now I only have one or two that I really like so it's nice to try more and have more options.  I'm at the end of the remover I'm using right now so as soon as it's done I will try this one and let everyone know that I think (check out my Instagram account for mini-reviews on products).

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Tea- Unfortunately I'm not really a fan of Candy Cane flavored items.  I'll have a actual candy cane maybe once a season, but I don't normally like the flavoring used on other items.  So I will probably let my husband or a friend use it.  The box also included coupon for $.55 off my next tea purchase, so I will definitely be using that coupon soon because I really like this brand of tea, just not this flavor.

Eco Tools Sleek & Shine Finisher Brush- I have been really liking this brush.  It has the wire-type bristles that I normally stay away from because they can cause static but this one didn't do that. I will definitely continue to use it!

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum- If you have read this blog before then you know I'm a nude lip product junkie.  So unfortunately this color is not my style, but I think my mom would love it, so I'm going to hold onto it and give it to her!

Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advance Serum- The box included a small sample that only has enough product to use once.  Obviously with a serum you need to use it for at least week or so to see any real results, so I can not say if it will do everything it says it will but I can say that I liked the texture, it glided on well and felt nice on my skin.  The box also contained a coupon for $2 off the purchase of a full size.  Once I run out of the serum I'm using now, I would consider buying this one to try out further.

As I continue to use these products, I will keep you posted on Instagram and Twitter, so please make sure to follow me on there also if you are not already!

Happy Savings Everyone!