Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Products I Regret Buying

Welcome Beauty Bargain Hunters!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, than you obviously know that I love trying new products!  It's so fun to find something new that you love and can recommend to others.   But of course along the way you are going to find products that you don't love too.  I think some people don't like to talk about them because they don't want to seem negative or like they are bashing something.  But I feel knowing what products did not work for other people can be helpful when you are deciding what to buy.  If something is not worth my money, I would like to know now instead of after I have bought it and probably lost the receipt! 

But I have to say first that I am not saying that these products or their brands are terrible!  These are just the products that did not work for me or I regretted the purchase for some reason.  If you love them, please do not be offended!  Everyone has different skin tones, shades, preferences, etc.  I'm just saying here what did not work for me and why.  If it worked for you, that's awesome!  If you have any tips on how I could try something different, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me on social media.  But here are the products I regret buying (You will notice that I don't have any pictures with this post, that's because as a savy shopper, if something does not work for me I do not waste my time or closet space with it, I will either return it, resell it, give it to a friend, or if no other option, throw it away.  I will link to each of the products on websites in case you do want to know what the product looks like) :

The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer- When this came out, everyone wanted it immediately!  Mary-Lou Manizer is my all time favorite highlighter and I really love Betty-Lou Manizer too.  So the second this came out, I wanted it.  The Balm has 50% off their website sales sometimes, so I picked this up then and I was unfortunately really disappointed.  The concept makes sense since the other two were so successful, but it's just not a good highlighter.  The color looks gorgeous in the pan and it I could get that exact color in a blush it would be gorgeous.  But when you apply it to your cheeks, if just as a 80s pink sheen that I just do not like as a highlight.  I like for my highlighters to glow and/or shine and this is one is all 80s sheen, so I was not a fan.

Lorac Pro Palette- I know so many people are going to think I'm crazy for putting this on the list, but I am just not a fan of this palette!  I should have known this was not my style just looking at the palette, but so many people on their blogs and on You Tube videos said this was the best palette every and that is was so versatile for so many different kinds of eye looks.  So it finally won me over and I bought it.  But I regretted by the time I used it for like the 3rd time.  I really wanted to love it, but the colors were just not for me (I really love my neutral, tans and browns like in the Naked palette).  And I did not feel like it had any good blending colors, and that's a deal breaker for me! 

Too Faced Candlelight Highlighter-  When you swatch this highlighter it gives you the most beautiful glowy highlight.  But when I use any brush I have to apply it, it does not translate to my face, no matter how many times I apply it.  Definitely not want you would want or expect from a high-end highlighter!

NYX Butter Lipsticks- This one was a huge disappointment to me!  The NYX Butter Glosses are my favorite lip glosses of all time so when I heard they were coming out with lip sticks, I was thrilled!  But unfortunately I did not like them from the beginning.  First off, they did not have a real nude shade (when I go on the website now there are a few shades that look like they could be nudes, so I think they might have come out with some more shades since their original release).  So I got two colors that seemed the closest to nude shades, Fun Size and Snow Cap.  To wear either of these, you better exfoliate like crazy because it shows every lump, bump and line on your lips!  Also, they are a really moist formula that does not last long on the lips.  I prefer a more matte finish that will last longer.  So I'll just stick with the glosses!

ELF Corrective Concealer Palette- This simply just does not have a enough color pay off.  I tried really hard with the green and yellow shades and I would have to put on 2 or 3 layers to get any color pay off, and I just thought that was too thick for my face. 

Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer- It has the consistency of a lotion, so I didn’t feel like it really primed my skin well (I prefer primers that have a thicker, more dry consistency like Too Faced Primed and Poreless or a gel consistency like the Maybelline Baby Skin).  Also, any brightening effects that this primer does for the skin basically goes away once you put foundation on, so I don’t really see the point. 

Mary Kay Jelly Lip Gloss in Teddy Bare- I got this in an Ispy bag a few months back.  I like for my lip glosses to be light weight and not sticky on the lips.  And unfortunately this gloss is both heavy and sticky on the lips!  Also, there is not really any color pay off, just makes the lips look shiny. 

Almay Longwear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads- If you are a contact wearer, stay away from these!  These eye make up remover pads in the Oil Free version (the purple tub) are one my of favorite ever so I was sad that I hated these so much. They feel oily, which I hate and also I have contacts that I can wear overnight, but these pads would somehow make my contacts pop out.  It happened about 80% of the time I used them.  Then I would have to clean my contacts thoroughly (they would be oily) and put them back in (annoying!)

NYC Blushable Crème Stick in Gold Radiance- The name says blush, but this is actually a highlighter. I really, really tried to like and wear this product, but I just couldn’t.  First off, I’m not big on stick crème products.  I find them really hard to apply (I tried applying this with my fingers, brushes and my beauty blender and I could never get it to look right).  And secondly, this one just has too much glitter for me.  I like to have a nice glow from my highlighter, but this one has obvious gold glitter in it, which is just not my style.

Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Body Lotion- This purchase is a big regret for me.  About 2 or 3 years ago I saw a picture in a magazine of Melissa Gorga with an amazing summer tan.  The magazine said that she was wearing this, so I went on Amazon and bought it for a ridiculous price (her skin looked that good!).  But unfortunately, when I got it, the lotion is a DARK brown that I could not get to work on my pale as snow skin.  I was just too pale to get it to work on my skin (it was literally like using brown paint).  Pale girls, stay away from this one!

Physicians Formula Super CC Powder- This powder was very deceiving!  The first few times I put it on I thought it was really nice and matched my skin well.  But then after I wore it a new times, I was in looking in a mirror in a restaurant and I thought my face looked like I was wearing a chalky powder.  It was way too light and unnatural looking.  The first time I saw it, I thought it was a fluke, but after that it happened two more times, so then I decided this was not for me.  And I'm super pale, so if this was too pale for me, I don't think there is many people this would work for!

That's all the products for this time!  When making the list of products for this post, I realized that I had way too many products for just one post, so I already have a second one half way done too!  So stayed to soon for most products I regret buying!  Like I said before, I'm not saying that these products or the companies that make them are horrible, I'm just saying that I regretted buying them and if you have similar prefers to me, you may want to stay away from them!

Happy Savings Everyone!

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