Friday, February 26, 2016

Battle of the Liquid Lipsticks

Welcome Beauty Bargain Hunters!

In case you have been living under a rock, liquid lipsticks have been HUGE on blogs and You Tube in the past couple months.  It's like every beauty company out there has come out with their liquid lipstick in the past month or two.  At first I was hesitant since it's winter time and they seemed really drying but after hearing about 500 different kinds from everyone I follow I finally caved and tried one... and then another... and then a bunch more!  Each brand seemed so different that I kept wanting to try one from each brand and compare them.  So after mentally comparing them for weeks, I thought I would share all my observations with you guys in case you have been on the fence about this trend like I was.

NOTE: With all these liquid lipsticks I wore lip liner (NYX Stick Lip Liner in Nude) and chap stick (Nivea Kiss of Moisture or Mac Prep and Prime) before applying.  And to remove I used Sephora Ultimate Oil-In-Gel Lipstick Remover.  I will also mention what shades I have because I know some lighter vs darker shades may appear differently.

Kat Von D (in Lolita and Lolita 2):
-Does not transfer when drinking or kissing (transfers a bit when eating)
-These did make my lips dry, but not an uncomfortable dry, basically just felt like nothing was on the lips.
-Took 8 hours to notice color starting to fade (also was developing a small whitish line on the inside of my mouth, but was able to wipe it away).
-Would recommend this for a wedding or party or somewhere that you lip product needs to look good but you will not be able to touch up for hours.
-Can not touch up (not that you would normally need to)

Too Faced Melted (in Chocolate Honey, Melted Sugar, Melted Nude, Chocolate Milkshake):
-Feel act most like a normal lipstick (can touch up, can where lip gloss on top)
-Does transfer/wear off when eating or drinking
-Feels drying on lips (uncomfortable dry) if you wear it alone on the lips after about 2 hours (normally wear with lip gloss to avoid this feeling)
-I'm the only one I have heard notice this, but I feel like the formula of the Chocolate ones is thinner then the original line (and a little less pigmented)

NYX Liquid Suede (in Sandstorm):
- Dries 95%, but never completely dries
- Does transfer to cups, napkins, etc.
- Can wear for 4-5 hours before it's get uncomfortable dry
- Very pigmented
- Can not touch up

Milani Matte Lip Creme (in Amore Matte):
- Must be careful when applying (very easy to apply too much)
- Does dry completely (within 2-3 minutes of applying)
- You can feel it on the lips, but it does not feel dry or uncomfortable
- Does show fine lines in lips
- Does not transfer when drinking or kissing (transfers a bit when eating)

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss (in Bare Attraction):
- Very similar to the NYX Matte Lip Creams (formulas feel very similar on the lips, but they are a little less matte)
- Don't dry all the way, very creamy on the lips (would say it dries about 70%)
- Does not look matte to me on the lips (looks like a creamy lipstick)
- Has the "L'Oreal scent" when first applied, but goes away quickly
- Does transfer and wear off when when eating and drinking
- Does wear off after 2 hours or so if worn on it's own

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid (in Nude Thrill):
- Very similar formula to the NYX Matte Lip Cream (both creamy but dry matte)
- Does dry, but takes almost a half hour
- Does transfer on cups, napkins, etc.
- Does wear off naturally over couple hours
- Can reapply

Revlon Ulta HD Matte Lip Color (in Seduction):
- Smells like Fruit Punch
- At least with the light shade I had, I had to apply at least 3 layers to get solid, even color
- Stays wet for about 15-20 minutes, then for like an hour or two it's tacky/sticky
- Gets uncomfortable dry after 4-5 hours
- Does transfer on cups, napkins, etc.
- Color stains lips even after it's wiped off

Color Pop Ulta Matte Lip (in Beeper and Midi):
- Dries within 30 seconds
- Dries completely and feels like nothing is in your lips
- Does not transfer when drinking or kissing (transfers a tiny bit when eating)
- Can wear for about 5-6 hours before it feels uncomfortably dry

Essence Liquid Lipstick (in Almost Real):
- This is basically a very pigmented lip gloss
- Never dries, feels glossy on the lips- just like a lip gloss!
- Does transfer and wears off over time (just like a lip gloss)
- I do like this as a lip gloss and will continue to use it as that, but it's not a typical liquid lipstick to me

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick (in Buffest Beige):
- This came out before the liquid lipstick craze
- Can be tricky to apply (can't see real color on lips until it dries)
- Dries completely within 2 minutes
- After dry it still has a tacky feeling (can feel a bit thicker on the lips than some other liquid lipsticks but this also keeps it from ever feeling super dry)
- Does not transfer when drinking or kissing (transfers a tiny bit when eating)
- Can not touch up

Mac Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour(in Boss Brown):
- This came out before the liquid lipstick craze
- Dries completely within 1 minute
- Prefer to not use the clear gloss side (it has chunks of glitter), but it does keep my lips from getting too dry
- Lasts 5-6 hours before wearing off
- Does not transfer when drinking or kissing (transfers a tiny bit when eating)
- Can not touch up

Battle Winners:

Best to Wear to Special Event: Kat Von D or NYX Liquid Suede
Best to Wear to Work: Too Faced Melted
Favorite Shade: Too Face Melted Nude
Most Comfortable to Wear: Colour Pop
Longest Lasting: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate
Regret Purchases: Revlon Ultra HD & Essence

My Personal Favorite; Too Face Melted- these are not the most long lasting, but these are just the easiest for me to use and I like the shade selection the best.  I don't mind reapplying when I'm wearing one that feel comfortable in, in a shade I love.

Happy Savings Everyone!

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