Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March Empties- Makeup Products Only

Welcome Beauty Bargain Hunters!

I know I say this every time I post an empties review, but my empties bin was really overflowing lately.  So much so that I thought I would try posting a different kind of empties this time.  Instead of showing you all the empties I have used during a time period, I'm going do the next couple empties post by type of product (makeup, hair products, skin care, etc.).  And I decided to start with everyone's favorite- make up items!  So here is all the make up items that I used up.  As I always say, the best reviews are when someone uses up an entire package of a product.  That way they have used it for a while and really know what they think of it, how their skin reacted to it long term, etc.

L’Oreal Miss Mango Mascara- I really liked this mascara!  It gave me great volume and length at the same time (which is rare, I normally have to use two mascaras to get both of these).  The wand looks crazy when you look at it, but when applying it’s not too messy or hard to manage.  I did notice a little bit of fall out a couple times towards the end of using this one, that’s actually when I decided it was time to throw it out.  But overall, I like really big, full lashes and this definitely did that.  I will repurchase when I find sales and coupons.

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation- This is my holy grail face powder.  I love this one to wear on its own or to set my liquid foundation.  It keeps me matte all day and I highly recommend it.  I have already repurchased it!

The Beauty Blender- This is my saddest empty product ever!  After over a year of loyal service, I am getting rid of my old beauty blender.  It was getting really hard to get completely clean and there were three separate tears in it, so I knew I had to finally get rid of it.  This is my favorite tool to put on foundation and concealer by far.  I feel like it gives me the best coverage with the most natural looking finish.  I have already repurchased and have back ups! 

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in the BrightnerShade- This is one of my favorite concealers ever.  It’s easy to apply and blend in. It covers my under eye circles very well.  And the Brightner shade is perfect for all skin tones to just brighten the under eye, but still look natural, no matter what your skin tone is.  My only issue with this would be the packaging.  It didn’t happen with this one, but the last 2 of these I purchased before this one, it stopped twisting up the product while there was still a lot of product left at the bottom, but it didn’t happen with this one so maybe they corrected that.

L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher- I think I may have gotten a bad batch of this one.  I read/watched a lot of reviews of this product and no one else seemed to have the same problems that I did with this.  Mine had a lot of watery oil in it!  What I mean is, every time I opened it, I had to gently squeeze it for 5-10 seconds and oil would just drip out of it.  Then after the oil was done dripping, I would squeeze out some of the product and it would be covered in oil, so I would switch it to the other hand to dab some of that oil off and then I would put it on my face.  Then it was a nice primer for my face.  It did help minimize my pours.  But since I had such an issue with the oil and it was a bit pricey (I did buy on sale with a coupon) I don’t think I will be repurchasing.

Wet N Wild Mega Length Mascara- This mascara was so frustrating for me!  Just like the name, this mascara gave my lashes great length, but there was not a lot of volume.  Which is fine for me, I don’t mind using another mascara to add volume, but I could not find a volumizing mascara to work with this one!  I tried like 5 different volumizing mascaras with this one and they all just clumped with this mascara and did not look good.  So as much as I liked the length, I had to pitch this one because I couldn’t wear it alone and couldn’t find one to wear with it.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser- I did really like this primer.  I’m a fan of the silicone feeling primers that make your face feel smooth.  To me this one is similar to Smashbox Photo Finish or the NYX Studio Perfect.  I also feel like it does help keep my make up on all day.  I will repurchase when I find a good sale and coupons again.

Prestige Vinylwear Extreme Lip Gloss in the shade SiennaSpeed- This is another sad empty for me.  I only wore this lip gloss a couple times, but it got pushed to the back of my collection and now it’s over a year old.  I gave it the smell test to see if it was still okay, and unfortunately the smell did change, so I know I have to throw it out.  But from the few times I did wear it, I remember it was a thick gloss that had a lot of color pay off.  I could have worn it on its own, it’s very similar to a liquid lipstick.  But I don’t think I would repurchase because it didn’t stand out to me as something I really wanted to grab for.

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown- I like this eyebrow product, it used to be my favorite, but now it’s a distant #2.  When I first started getting into makeup and I didn’t want to pay a ton for eye brow products, I got this from the drug store and I really liked it.  I used it for probably about a year and bought many back ups.  Then I discovered my holy grail eye brow product (click here) and since then I have not wanted to use any others!  But I did have a few of these left over, so you might see one or two more in my empties until they are completely gone.  But I can say I won’t repurchase because my holy grail is so much better.  The gel is thicker, keeps my brows in place better and is a better shade match to my brows than this one.

Revlon Age Defying Dark Spot Concealer- I really loved this concealer for my under eye circles.  It is a creamy product (a bit thicker than some other drug store concealers with the doe foot applicators) that really covers my under eye circles well and also brightened my face.  It is a similar formula to the Physicians Formula concealer that I also really love, so I would repurchase this one or that one, depending on which just had the better sale.

NYX Badunkadunk Mascara- This was one of the few NYX mascaras that I liked.  I got a lot of the NYX mascaras in the NYX bag I got from Imats last year and unfortunately I was not a fan of most of them.  But this one I did pretty well!  This one was very good for lengthing my lashes.  I would normally put this one on and then put a volumizing one over it and my lashes would look great.  The wand is very, very large, so I did have to be careful about that, and I couldn’t use it for my lower lashes, but overall it was a good one and I would consider repurchasing if there was a really good sale.

Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Shade 150 Buff- This is one of my holy grail foundations.  This give amazing coverage, keeps me matte all day, lasts all day on the skin- perfection!  I also like mixing this was with a foundation that has issues (like make my skin too oily during the day) and it makes it look amazing without the issues!  This is probably my most purchase make up product since I really got into makeup and I will keep repurchasing!

Mac Lipglass in Myth- Another very sad empty!  Well, this is technically not even an empty, it went bad before I could finish it!  I am a huge fan of this lip gloss, but I recently did the smell test on all my lip glosses and this one did not pass.  Mac lip glosses usually have a nice sweet scent and this one definetly doesn’t have that anymore.  I am definitely trying to cut back on how many lip glosses I buy since they do not last as long as some other kinds of products and it breaks my heart to throw out anything that I spent money on without getting my money’s worth.  But this actual product was good and I really liked the color, so I would repurchase!

Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion Makeup Base- I did really like this primer.  It went over very smooth, kind of had a silicone feel after applying.  It made my skin smooth and silky to apply foundation on.  I also feel like it did help keep my make up on longer.  I normally wore this to special occasions that were all day events.  I would recommend and I would repurchase.

Temptu Liquid Highlighter- I think I got this deluxe sample in an Ipsy bag.  I only tried this on my hand, but I didn’t think this was right for me so I didn’t try it on my face.  It was very, very shiney with a hint of bright pink in it.  I really didn’t think there were too many places I could wear this bright of a highlight, so I decided to pass it on to a friend.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara- This mascara just did not impress me.  It coated my lashes, but didn’t make them really volumized or really lengthened them.  I tried it a few times and I just didn’t love how my lashes looked and I didn’t see a reason to keep using it so I pitched it.

That is all my makeup empties this month!  I will post another empties next month with a different type of products.  Let me know what you think of doing empties by category compare to the normal way I do them.  If you have a preference let me know in the comments or on Instagram or Twitter!

Happy Savings Everyone!


  1. Hello! I have a similar problem with the Kiehl's Micro-Blur Skin Perfecto that you have with the L'Oreal Youth Code. I'm guessing there is a similar formula since they are the same company... I've heard nothing but positive things about both from others. Guess we are the minority

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the Kiehl's one, I'll steer clear of that one too!

  2. I love L'Oreal's "Miss Manga Voluminous" Mascara. I really like L'Oreal's "Miss Manga Rock" Mascara, too.

    I tried the Beauty Blender, but I'm definitely more of a makeup brush girl!

    Great review!

    1. Thanks! I'll have to try that mascara soon! I love trying new ones!