Monday, May 16, 2016

May Empties- Hair Product Only

Welcome Beauty Bargain Hunters!

Just like the past few months this month my empties will focus on one specific type of products, this month it's hair care products (click here to see my lastest Body Care Only Empties and click here to see my latest Make Up Only Empties).  Just to give you guys an idea of my hair type, right now it's about 2 inches or so past my shoulders in length.  It's wavy (and a bit curly) if I let it dry on my own but if I have time I like to blow it straight and use a flat iron to make it really straight.  I also sometimes like to get more volume at the roots when I flat iron so I use volumizing and thickening products often to help with that.  And right now my hair is not dyed or colored in any way (I have many times in the past, just not right now).  So if your hair has any similar qualities, check out what I thought of these products:

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Mask- This is one of my favorite drug store hair masks!  Once a week I will use this in place of my normal conditioner.  I feel like it makes my hair soft and smooth when I wash it out and I do feel like it looks shinier after I use it.  And I also really like that I only have to keep it in my hair for 3-5 minutes.  I hate when you have to keep a hair mask in your hair for a long time!  You either have to waste water standing in the shower waiting or you have to turn off the water and then turn it back on again… super annoying!  I would highly recommend this one and I will be repurchasing!

Pantene Pro-V Conditioner- If you have read any of my empties before you, know this is hands down my favorite conditioner.  It has been since high school and I don’t see anything replacing it anytime soon.  I have found one or two others that I like, but none that I like more for this price.  I know some people say it’s not good for your hair but I have used it for over 10 years and every time I go to the salon the stylist says my hair looks really healthy.  My only little extra I wanted to add is that I don’t really feel there is too much of a difference between formulas in their line (fragile, volumizing, beautiful length, etc), they all feel the same to me.

Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner- I really enjoyed using this spray in conditioner!  The main thing I use it for is detangling my hair after showing.  I get a lot of knots from doing messy buns so this is great at detangling gently.  Even though I just said I liked this, I’m not sure if I will be repurchasing this.  The reason is because of the price.  As much as I like this, I have used some children’s spray in conditioners that work just well and cost less so this would have be on a really good sale for me to purchase this one again. (This was on sale last week with the Ulta The Gorgeous Hair event for $7.99, so I did pick up a new one then!)

Tresemme Extra Frim Control Hair Spray- I heard a lot of great things about this hair spray so I was happy to get this sample size in a beauty box a while back (can’t remember which one).  And what I heard was right, I loved this one!  It gives at really firm hold but it’s not like super crunchy or frozen in place.  I love using this for up-dos or if you just want to give a quick spray to keep everything in place.   I used this sample I went out and stocked up on the full size bottles!  Will definitely keep using this one in the future!

Shea Moisture 10 in 1 Renewal System Shampoo- This one is technically not empty, I only used it half way because I was not a fan of it. I got this deluxe sample in a Target Beauty Box.   I was just didn’t feel like this got my hair clean enough and after I washed it was just dull and kind of limp.  I tried it twice and that was enough for me!

Clinicure Purifying Scalp Cleanser (Shampoo)- As I mentioned before, soon after I had my daughter, I started losing a lot of hair (a lot!).  While it was happening one of my co-workers recommended a line of Clinicure products that were made for thinning hair.  I started out with a sample pack with a mini size shampoo, conditioner and spray.  My favorite product of all three, was this one, the shampoo.  I know it was for hair loss treatment, but I also just really liked it as a shampoo.  It lathered well, it really made my hair feel clean and it looked great after using it.  I actually bought the large size after this and I have been using it for months.  I can’t really recommend it for hair loss, because mine eventually stopped on its own after a couple months but as just a shampoo, I highly recommend it!

Ecru New York Acacia Protein BB Cream Balm- It did not take long for the BB cream fad to reach hair care products!  I got this deluxe sample in an Ipsy bag a while back.  You are supposed to put a dab in your damp hair after showering and towel drying your hair.  I used this for probably about a month or so and I really didn’t notice any change in my hair.  It says it is supposed to moisturize, volumize, and add shine, but I didn’t really see that so I won’t be repurchasing.

Caviar CC Cream Leave In Hair Perfector- I have heard/read a lot of people say they loved this product, but unfortunately I did not notice a difference with this one either.  Like the BB cream I mentioned above, you are supposed to put a dab of this in your towel dried hair and it’s supposed to do 10 different things to improve your hair.  But unfortunately I didn’t really notice any difference with this one either!  And this one really pricey, so I will definitely not be spending that much on the full size!

That is all of them for this time!  If you know any hair products that you think would help me out or that you want me to try so I'll review, let me know in the comments or on Instagram or Twitter!  And next month will be another Make Up Product Only Empties, which I know if everyone's favorite!  So keep an eye out for that one soon!  Hope everyone enjoys the last month of Spring before Summer is officially here!

Happy Savings Everyone!


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